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Reason why

The financial statements are periodical financial statements that the company prepares in order to summarise its economic and financial situation and its economic results. But if you want to evaluate a company in the round, you can not be satisfied with costs and revenues. Every company interacts with the territory, the environment and the social context. For the same figures, two subjects can have an extremely different impact on the world around them. The sustainability analysis intercepts this need and assesses these impacts.

Be Sustainable

We sustain your sustainability

"A sustainable activity meets the needs of the present wiyhout compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs"


Sustainability management

Be Sustainable assists its customers to set up an activity based on the principles of sustainability by defining a strategy for managing the theme of sustainability and a way of measuring and controlling the correct parameters for monitoring and controlling sustainability.

Sustainability compliance analysis

Be Sustainable carries out compliance assessments with the principles of sustainability of business activities

Audits on sustainability report

Be Sustainable carries out the analysis of compatibility with the standards of the GRI - Global Reporting Initiative

Sustainability report elaboration

Be Sustainable assists companies in preparing their sustainability reports in accordance with the GRI - Global Reporting Initiative standards

Be Sustainable adopts the operational standards of the Global Reporting Initiative

  • Be Sustainable adopts the operational standards of the Global Reporting Initiative


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